Presenter:        Jim Krantz



This presentation builds on the insight first developed by Tavistock researchers, particularly Isabel Menzies and Wilfred Bion, that institutions do more than simply serve the purposes for which they are established.  They embody ideals and values of society. Through institutions and the roles in them, people find meaning and purpose as well.


Here, some of the dimensions of maintaining deep connection with our roles and institutions are explored, including challenges of leadership that arise in this context and the role of betrayal. 


The initial focus of this argument builds on the insights and experiences of Wesley Carr, an important thinker in the Tavistock tradition who died this past year.  Wesley was a person of enormous intelligence, generous spirit and unyielding principal.  His work illuminates some of the critical issues facing institutions today, particularly the critical importance of institutional integrity.


Where there is institutional integrity, people through their roles are more likely to be confident of their authority to make sense of their experiences and to find their own deeper social purposes.  Without integrity, institutions leave people with cynicism and disconnection.  The challenge for leaders who are faced with protecting institutional integrity is a great one indeed under today’s conditions.

Sunday 8:30-9:45