Saturday 1:30-3:00




Facilitator/Participants: Mary B. McRae, Sarah J. Brazaitis, Zachary Green & Medria Connolly


A Fishbowl group discussion of people who took us various roles in the NYU Working with DifferencesConference Series.   The focus of the discussion will be on the intersectionality of social identities and roles as related to conference themes, design, and the authority of conference leadership and various roles taken in conference development and implementation.


The Working with DifferencesSeries spanned more than a decade from 1999 to 2011 and consisted of a yearly weekend conference offered each Spring, with a diverse membership ranging from 30-95 members. The conference themes focused on differences that exist in the world around us, including race, ethnicity, culture, social class, religion, and sexual orientation.  The World Event Design grew out of the series.  The purpose of the World Event was multifold and included the following goals: 

  • To build awareness of differences, visible and invisible, that exist within and among us;

  • To increase our understanding of the relationship between differences and the exercise of authority and leadership;

  • To use our awareness and understanding of differences toward personal and organizational transformation and to drive world change


The design of this seminar will entail an introduction, a Fishbowl Discussion of 10-12 participants with two empty chairs, 1 for those who attended a conference, but not a part of the Fishbowl, and 1 for observers who did not participate in any of the conferences.    These will be rotating chairs that will provide opportunities for those who participated but were not officially invited and observers who have questions or comments during the Fishbowl discussion. There will be time allowed at end for review of the experience by the group as a whole. The four facilitator/participants are  those on the original conference planning team. 


Participants who have held roles in conferences such as director, associate director, administrator, various consultant roles, and member: Kathy White, Howard Friedman, Kelley Hershman, Sheri-Ann Cowie,  Anne Onoue, Sarah Rosenbaum, Frank Marrocco, Matthew Graciano, Autumn Knight.