Friday 2:30-3:45




Director Development & Search Committee: Laurie Nisco, Chair; Lenny Levis; & Nancy Wilson

(Committee member Carl Mack was unable to attend)


Invited fishbowl participants: Zachary Green, Charla Hayden, Patricia Kummel, & Mary McRae



This presentation will provide an opportunity for dialogue in a fishbowl format, with participants moving in and out of the inner circle.  Four people with experience directing, named above, were invited to hold seats and anchor the discussion for the duration of the fishbowl.  Questions will be posed to the invited participants related to their journey to become a director and their development as a director over time, including obstacles, struggles, learning and growth. Attendees are invited to move in and out of the fishbowl to engage in dialogue about the process of becoming a director and taking on the role, perhaps sharing their own experiences in the director role, or raising questions about this role that is the focus of so many projections. This will be followed by a full-group discussion. 


The purpose of this presentation is:


  • To provide learning about the role of director and the process of becoming a director

  • To increase interest in the role of director, and to increase the likelihood that individuals would consider taking on this role in the future

  • To reflect on the process of director development to be better able to make plans for the training and development of the next generation of directors