Robert Hsiung, MD, DFAPA, Chicago
Jeffrey D. Roth, MD, CGP, FAGPA, FASAM, FAKRI, Chicago
Vincenzo Sinisi, MA, CGP, Cape Town
Joseph E. Wise, MD, CGP, New York City
Anne Frank Lindhardt, MD, Copenhagen

Our lives are increasingly virtual / disembodied / unreal as we 
increasingly interact not directly, but on our devices; not in person, 
but by text and video. In the distant future, maybe not at the

100th anniversary in 2069, but in 2069 our experiences may be primarily virtual,

but right now / in this transitional period, our virtual / disembodied

and real / embodied experiences impact each other. But how exactly?

The Transmodal Continuous Online Group (TCOG) is a large group
experience with layered degrees of virtuality / reality. We start with
asynchronous (not real-time) text on the Slack online platform, add
real-time video on the Zoom online platform, meet in person at the
Dialogues, return to text + video, and finish as we began, with only our

Online groups eliminate the need to be in the same place at the same 
time. Participation in the text and video modalities is possible from 
anywhere in the world, so they are open to those who do not come to 
Chicago. The TCOG also begins before and ends after the events in 
Chicago. TCOG members use their own computers or smartphones for the 
text and video. Computers are preferred for the video. The text and 
video software allow participants to use pseudonyms and avatars. The 
text software automatically records messages, and that history is 
available to participants. Technical sophistication is not required. The 
TCOG starts with an orientation phase during which members learn to use 
the software.

The TCOG is a creative experiential design evolving from the text-only 
COG our team has been developing for over a decade. The TCOG provides a 
self-directed experiential learning opportunity that can deepen 
appreciation of asynchronous text, real-time video, in-person, and 
interactional group dynamics.

1. Orientation phase  Text Only             Sep 06-08
2. Experiential phase                               Sep 09-18
    a. Text                       Continuous       
    b. Video                    7:00-07:45 am Central Sep 13, 14, 15
    c. In-person              10-11:15 am Central Sep 14
3. Review and application phase            Sep 19-20
4. Departure phase                                  Sep 20-21

There is no charge to register for the TCOG. Questions may be directed 
to Robert Hsiung <>. To register, email both him and also 
the AKRI 50th Anniversary Committee <>

Registrants will receive instructions on how to join. 

Saturday 10:00-11:15  in-person

see below for virtual session times